Bar-le-Duc glass for your catering business?

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Serve your guests 100% natural Mineral Water.

For many years we have been getting our mineral water from the spring on the Utrecht Hill Ridge, and you can taste it. The rainwater sinks through various layers of clay and is naturally purified. Over thousands of years, this has created a spring at a depth of 140 metres, from which we fill our bottles directly. Wonderfully clear, soft and of consistent quality.


The year Bar-le-Duc was founded

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The depth of our source

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100% natural mineral water

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Drink 2L of water every day


What do others say?

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The advantages of Bar-le-Duc glass

Recognizable Dutch brand.

With Bar-le-Duc you choose a fresh, bold and Dutch brand.

Handy in scratch-free one-way glass!

Our mineral water is filled in beautiful scratch-free glass without a deposit.

Suitable for low salt diets and baby food.

Our still water is suitable for baby food and low-salt diets.


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